Introducing the passionate founder of JustBrows. With a background in law and anthropology, Reyhan's journey took an unexpected turn when she discovered her fascination with the beauty industry. What started as a side job alongside her master's studies gradually grew into a deep-seated passion. Inspired day by day,after completing her studies and gaining valuable experiences in various salons, she realized her dream of creating a salon that brings together the best of each experience - JustBrows "Do What You Love and Love What You Do" fuels Reyhan's daily steps into the salon with boundless love and passion.


Salon Manager

Our incredible Brow & Lash stylist from beauty-obsessed country Russia. With a natural ability for perfection and a deep passion for beauty, she excels in the art of eyebrow enhancement. Her favorite Dutch word, "gezellig," perfectly captures her love for creating warm and inviting atmospheres. With a combination of her own expertise and the knowledge imparted by Reyhan, Maria ensures that every client receives exceptional service and brow perfection.


Brow & Lash Stylist

Meet Fary, our skilled Brow & Lash stylist fully trained by Reyhan herself. With a keen eye for detail, Fary effortlessly knows the salon like the back of her hand, ensuring nothing goes unnoticed. Her meticulous approach, shaped by her accountancy background, guarantees flawlessness. Fary's dedication to exceptional customer service shines through as she guides you with a warm smile. When not creating stunning brows, she dances to her favorite music. Experience Fary's expertise at JustBrows for flawlessly perfected brows.


Brow & Lash stylist

Our talented Brow & Lash stylist at JustBrows in Amsterdam. one day, she had a realization that she couldn't help but analyze everyone's eyebrows during conversations. she pursued professional training in Brow Academies and mastered the art of brow design under Reyhan's guidance. With extensive training and innate talent, she brings exceptional drawing skills to create stunning brows and captivating illustrations. Let Jolien work her magic and transform your brows into true works of art.


Brow & Lash Stylist

Our talented Brow and Lash technician with a rich background in the industry. Her unique skills and experience add a touch of South African finesse to our work. Monique's expertise has been perfectly aligned with the latest trends and tastes from the Netherlands and JustBrows standars with the guidance of Reyhan . She prioritizes a "less is more" approach for ideal brows and lashes. Beyond work, she's dedicated to women's health, maintains high food standards, emphasizing attention to detail professionally and personally.